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Prepare For Your Home Improvement Project 

Please understand that during your home improvement project your home will become a temporary construction site. Listed below are some helpful hints and requirements to help us do our job efficiently and without hassle to you.

For their safety, children and pets should be kept away from work areas during your home improvement and construction project.

Please park all autos on the street, allowing us access to your driveway for trucks, tools and project materials (garage and driveway access should be returned to each evening).

Please help provide our construction crews with access to electrical outlets (for power tools) and a garden hose (for a detailed clean up).

To protect lawn and patio furniture, please move these items to create a perimeter of twenty feet around your home. This will also allow an efficient and safe work area.

Please take down all (interior/exterior) pictures, clocks and hanging items, as they could fall during the more intense phases of your home improvement project.

If we are removing wood shingles on your home there will be derbies that will fall in the attic. If you have anything stored in the attic you will need to cover it with tarps or plastic.  Take caution when opening your attic access for the first time. Open without looking up.

As we will not always have access to the interior of your home, we ask that you please check electrical circuit box often to make sure that no breakers have been tripped. Also check to see if any exhaust flu connections have become dislodged from the furnace, water heater or dryer.

Please conduct a brief inspection to see if there are any electric wiring or air conditioning return lines installed near the roof sheathing. If there is, it must be diverted to insure that roofing and decking fasteners penetrating the roof substructure will not damage the wiring or lines.

After the completion of your home improvement project please take precautions when mowing your lawn or using the driveway for the first few times. Although we try, we cannot insure there are no stray nails lurking unforeseen. 

If you should have any questions fell free to contact us at the numbers below...and... Thank you for choosing AT Roofing & Construction Co.





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